2021-27 Weekly Report Content Request

This topic is used to track content of BeyondStorage’s 2021-27 weekly report, from 2021-07-05 ~ 2021-07-09.

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Rename dm into beyond-tp, whose full name is BeyondTeleport.
ref: Rename to beyond-tp · Issue #97 · beyondstorage/beyond-tp · GitHub

New forum theme UI is in designing.
Draft here: https://www.figma.com/file/AqHxMvbAccGQM5NtvQEGCn/BeyondStorage.io?node-id=23%3A0

@zhangdichn nominated as beyond-tp commiter.

definitions: Add support for type uint64 submited by @zu1k

services: Implement GSP-127: Add ServiceInternal and RequestThrottled Errors submited by @junaire

Depracated fields and package were removed by @JinnyYi .
Remove deprecated fields
Remove deprecated package pkg/endpoint

ci: Add codecov in unittests submited by @Xuanwo

proposal: DMP-110: Refactor Task Distribute submited by @Prnyself

New repo: setup-hdfs by @Xuanwo

ospp 2021:

GSP-139: Split Specs submited by @Xuanwo

GSP-134: Write Behavior Consistency submited by @Xuanwo

GSP-137: Service Output Template submited by @Xuanwo was rejected.

GSP-140: Unify List Behavior submited by @JinnyYi