Migrate matrix rooms to matrix.org based


  • chat.aos.dev has met some connection errors.
  • we don’t have the ability to maintain a matrix service.
  • Nearly most of our users are from matrix.org or slack.


So I propose to migrate our matrix services from aos.dev to matrix.org.

  • All history messages will be kept.
  • No actions for existing users to take.
    • Only users from @yunify.com will be affected.


  • Add local address and alias for all our rooms at matrix.org
  • Promote matrix.org address as main alias.
  • Update all our projects room links to matrix.org
  • Shutdown our aos.dev matrix services.


  • All our public rooms will have connections to slack/discord/telegram.

After some evaluation, there are some limitations here:

For now, we are unable to add new admins from aos.dev side anymore, which means we can’t set main address unless we have admins from matrix.org. (like @xuanwo:matrix.org)

So our migration plan will have following changes:

  • If we are admin for a room
    • we will add new alias and set as main address
  • If we are not admins
    • we will create a new room under matrix.org

Most of the work has been done.