Access Control - Linode S3 compatible object storage


I’ve got this working great with writing files into Linode’s S3 compatible object storage, however they are always set to private and I’m wanting the files to have public-read permission when set. I can’t puzzle my way through the API to work it out - Reach() seemed promising but not implemented in s3 and I can’t find how to configure the storager or write function to set the newly created object to public read.

Any pointers on this?



First of all, thank you very much for using our program!

Here is an ongoing GSP (go-storage proposal) that focus on solving this issue:

We are expecting on releasing this feature next week.

Please give us any advice or comments!

And @JinnyYi is working on implementing this feature.

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go-service-s3 v2.4.0 has been released, which introduced StorageHTTPSigner to support HTTP authenticating requests.

  • QuerySignHTTPRead() is used for GetObject, which uses query parameters to authenticate requests.
  • QuerySignHTTPWrite() is used for PutObject, which uses query parameters to authenticate requests.

Please feel free to come back to us if any question.

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ping @DigNZ

Excellent, that works for me. Thanks for the quick turnaround

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