How to pass `partIndex` into `QuerySignHTTP` for `WriteMultipart`?

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Given code like this:

type HTTPSigner interface {
    QuerySignHTTP(op string, path string, expire time.Duration, pairs ...Pair) (req *http.Request, err error)

When using QuerySignHTTP for WriteMultipart in s3, seems there is no suitable way to pass in partIndex parameter as no global pair or system pair for it.

func (s *Storage) querySignHTTP(ctx context.Context, op string, path string, expire time.Duration, opt pairStorageQuerySignHTTP) (req *http.Request, err error) {
	rp := s.getAbsPath(path)

	switch op {
	case OpMultiparterWriteMultipart:
		writeMultiReq, _ := s.service.UploadPartRequest(&s3.UploadPartInput{
			Bucket:     aws.String(,
			Key:        aws.String(rp),
			// FIXME: `PartNumber` and `UploadId` are needed.
			PartNumber: aws.Int64(1),
			UploadId:   aws.String("xxx"),
		url, err := writeMultiReq.Presign(expire)
		if err != nil {
			return nil, err
		req, err = http.NewRequest("PUT", url, nil)
		return nil, services.ErrCapabilityInsufficient

	return req, err

Alternative Way

Add index system pair then use s3.WithIndex() to pass in partIndex for WriteMultipart .


All similar operations need to add extra system pairs.


Split HTTPSigner into multiple interfaces and add necessary parameters for different operations.

Here is the ongoing GSP (go-storage proposal) that focus on the issue:

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