1st Cleanup Week for go-storage

Hello everyone, we will start a cleanup week from 9/6 to 9/10.

In next week, we will stop any new feature development of go-storage and focus on bugfix, docs like:

  • every project’s README.md update (update links of matrix room, integration tests, and so on)
  • go-storage-example enhancement.
  • go-storage user guide and developer guide.
  • Clean up issues we are working on and plan to do.
  • File new issues about any problems that meet (could be sovled later)

Next week, all our maintainers and committer will not accept and review features like PRs.

Please comment here if you find anything that go-storage doesn’t work well!

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I have create a issue for this: https://github.com/beyondstorage/go-storage/issues/744

ping @abyss-w @JinnyYi , Do you have any preferred parts to take?

I’ll clean up issues related to HTTP Signer, including docs and example. In addition, I’d like to take over Bebavior , go-storage-example enhancement. Any other arrangement would be fine with me.

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For behavior, I think we can invite @abyss-w to handle one of them (maybe the path or write empty file?), so that she can got more experiences on go-storage design, and finally, she can be a committer of go-storage!

What do you think about it?

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I can take over the Tests part first. I can also take over the Behavior part(the path or write empty file).


I agree entirely.

Will path be assigned to me or will write empty file be assigned to me?

I will leave this for @JinnyYi to decide.

Both are fine for me. You can choose what you want to do.

Okay, I’ll choose write empty file then.


Hello everyone, it’s 2021-09-07T16:00:00Z now! Let’s present some simple progress report about our cleanup works.

ping @JinnyYi @abyss-w , maybe also @bokket ?

I cleanup all denpandabot Bump version PRs, and implement auto-merge for all our services. Since now, all upgrade will be merged once they have passed all the CI.

I am solving the problem of internal error handling in createAppend, which needs to be reviewed before.
In addition, the CI that needs to be updated in auto-merge will be implemented after the above pr.

go-service-hdfs has been cleaned up.

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I cleaned up some of the service tests, but some of the services have not been implemented or have not been implemented for testing.

I think we can skip those services and only focus on those already have integration tests.

Okay, I get it.

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