Migrate Reach to QuerySignHTTPRead



Reacher is used to get a public accessible url to object.


StorageHTTPSigner is used to generate HTTP requests with signature information for storage service. QuerySignHTTPRead will read data from the file by using query parameters to authenticate requests.

For *http.Request returned by QuerySignHttpRead, where the URL field specifies either the URI being requested (for server requests) or the URL to access (for client requests) with signature in the query string. And Header field specifies HTTP headers converted from the optional pairs, which includes headers contained in the signature.

Headers included in signature must be included in any HTTP request made with the signed URL. QuerySignHttpRead extends the functionality of Reach. And Reacher will be deprecated.

How to migrate Reach to QuerySignHTTPRead

From go-storage side:

  • StoragHTTPSigner interface has been introduced and implemented.
  • Reacher interface and operation have been marked as deprecated and will be removed in the last major version.

From service side:

  • StorageHttpSigner should be implemented if supported.
  • Reacher implementation should be removed before it’s removed from go-storage.

From user side:

Reacher interface and Reach operation are no longer available in the near future. To reach the object or resource, upgrade the dependency library go-service-* is needed, use StorageHttpSigner interface and QuerySignHttpRead operation instead. For example:


// ...
url, err := store.Reach("abc", types.WithExpire(time.Hour))
// handle err and url


// ...
req, err := store.QuerySignHttpRead("abc", time.Hour, opt)
// handle err
// get the accessible url to object
url := req.URL.String()
// or send request directly
client := &http.Client{}
resp, err := client.Do(req)
// ...
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For now, only some services implement Reach. s3, qingstor, and ipfs?

go-service-qingstor and go-service-minio implemented Reacher. Reacher implementation in go-service-ipfs is in the program and should be transferred.

Let’s do it in the next week!