Multipart related operations

1、CreateMultipartWithContext(ctx context.Context, path string, pairs …Pair) (o *Object, err error),Need to support Expires parameter
2、add AbortMultipart interface
3、Writemultipart support Query Sign


ping @go-storage-maintainer for a look.

  • CreateMultipart need to support Expires parameter:
    • Maybe we need to re-add expire pair and add it to the optional pairs for CreateMultipart.
  • Add AbortMultipart interface
    • For now, Delete(path, pairs.WithMultipartID(multipartID)) will abort multipart upload for multipartID.
  • Writemultipart support Query Sign
    • MultipartHTTPSigner need to be implemented.

I will give feedback here if there are any plans or progress.

I thought we need to add it as a function parameter instead of a pair?

It will be a breaking change if added as a function parameter?

Why? I though we will have a SignHTTPCreateMultipart?

Yes, we can add it in the new SignHTTPCreateMultipart. My question is for the existing CreateMultipart, do we need to suport setting Expires for CreateMultipart?
In addition, I wonder whether we need to consider in advance that more parameters may need to be supported in the future, like Content-Disposition? Maybe it’s easier to expand by adding them into the optional pairs?

No, we don’t need to support expires any more.

Yes, let’s add new pairs for those value.

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Here is an ongoing GSP (go-storage proposal):

And @abyss-w is working on implementing this feature.

@jiaming-he Please give us any advice or comments!

go-service-s3 v2.5.0 has been released, with Multipart HTTP Signer feature.

@jiaming-he Please feel free to contact us if any questions.

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