New automation changes: Sync Github Action

Hi, I’m trying to figure the problem about github action files.

We are dependsing on github action to run unit tests, diff-check, format check and so on. But it’s hard to maintain different github action files across 50+ repos.

Now, we have a brend new solutions: sync action files via go-community tools: feat: Implement repo sync-actions by Xuanwo · Pull Request #32 · beyondstorage/go-community · GitHub

We will maintian a config files like the following in community repo:

project = ["go-storage"]
required = [
allowed = ["integration-test"]

There will be the following changes:

  • All actions in required will be added or updated
  • All actions in allowed will keep untouched.
  • All other actions will be removed.

Take go-service-s3 as an example: ci: Sync github actions by BeyondRobot · Pull Request #220 · beyondstorage/go-service-s3 · GitHub

If it works well, we will apply those changes to all repos.

Welcome any comments!

Looks good so far.

The auto sync is online: GitHub - beyondstorage/community: Community Center for BeyondStorage.