Proposal: Community Merge

We are creating too many groups, how about merging them together?

Merge all *-zh groups into zh-hans

So that we don’t need to create a xxx-zh room any more.

Merge all go-service-* groups into go-storage

Our original plan was to avoid extraneous messages affecting too many people, but that ended up with only two or three people per chat, which did not work as expected.

So merging all services into go-storage will resolve this problem.

After all those merging, we will have:

  • go-storage
  • beyond-tp
  • gsp-xxx
  • zh-hans (zh-hant, ru and so on)

Some rules:

  • zh-hans,zh-hant,ru related chats are used for language only discussion.
  • go-storage/beyond-tp are project based discussion, all languages are allowed.

I create a formal proposal for it: proposal: Community Merge by Xuanwo · Pull Request #49 · beyondstorage/community · GitHub