2021-19 Weeky Report Content Request

This topic is used to track content of AOS’s 2021-19 weekly report, from 2021-05-10 ~ 2021-05-14.

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@bokket made his first contributions:

Keep an eye on Azure Blob Storage integration · Issue #134 · benbjohnson/litestream · GitHub

Keep an eye on proposal: Integrate mediaapi with go-storage to allow store files on various storage service · Issue #1857 · matrix-org/dendrite · GitHub

@JinnyYi finished Implement AOS-46: Idempotent Storager Delete Operation · Issue #554 · aos-dev/go-storage · GitHub

Keep an eye on Integrate with go-storage to allow using various storage service as storing location · Discussion #6218 · filecoin-project/lotus · GitHub

@xxchan add a new proposal: AOS-51: Distinguish Errors by IsAosError by xxchan · Pull Request #51 · aos-dev/specs · GitHub

New contributor: cmd/definitions: Update obsolete file paths in comments by zooltd · Pull Request #570 · aos-dev/go-storage · GitHub

Hi @Xuanwo, thanks for sharing the library. I’m refactoring the replica clients right now and the resulting clients are pretty simple to implement. I prefer not to add an extra layer of abstraction if I don’t need to although I can see how go-storage could be useful for a lot of folks.

Working with dropbox to fix their SDK: Is there any plan to release a new version? · Issue #77 · dropbox/dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial · GitHub

Data Migration Support Resmuable Task: Resumable Task · Issue #34 · aos-dev/dm · GitHub

@LanceRen add a new proposal: AOS-61: Add object mode check for operations

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Fixed, and dropbox released v6.0.1

Welcome new contributor: @xiongjiwei for storage: Check if part number is valid when multipart upload by xiongjiwei · Pull Request #48 · aos-dev/go-service-qingstor · GitHub