Organization Name Changing Proposal

AOS is not a good name.

It’s hard to explain to users or developers what Application Oriented Storage really means.

So I propose to change a new organization name, here is related information.


Our vision is to build a fully open sourced (Under Apache 2.0) storage abstraction that production-ready, high performance, and vendor-agnostic.

  • Make it much easier for service providers to connect with the whole world.
  • Make it much easier for developers to build applications upon various storage services.
  • Make it much easier for users to control, manage, and fully use their data.


For now, we are sponsored by QingCloud.

We intend to be donated to CNCF, Apache, or others.


For now, we are focus on our golang implementations: go-storage.

In the further, we will

  • Support as many as services we can, see more in Service Integration Tracking.
    • ipfs
    • google drive
    • onedrive
    • minio
    • ftp
    • webdav
    • glusferfs
    • azfile
    • NextCloud
  • Bring this idea to as many as languages we can:
    • rust
    • java
    • python
    • javascript
  • Build applications upon our library
    • ftp
    • webdav
    • object storage services (works like an API gateway)
    • fuse (usersapce file system, allow user to mount a storage service as local path)
    • migration (allow migrate data between storage services)
    • backup (allow backup data between storage services)
    • management (allow manage data between storage services)

Please pick the best name for us!

(Leave comments if you have new ideas.)


  • AOS (Original name)
  • MuiltStore (We can operate data on multi-storage service)
  • CrosStor (We can operate data cross different storage services)
  • OverStor (Our abstraction is over the existing storage services)
  • HybridStor (We can use as hybrid storage)
  • LeapStore (Our abstraction will leap the gap between storage services)
  • SpanStor (Our abstraction will span the gap between storage services)
  • Cross Storage (More formal name than CorsStor)
  • Over Storage (More formal name than OverStor)
  • BeyondStor (Our abstraction is beyond the existing storage services)
  • Beyond Storage (More formal name than BeyondStor)

I vote for Beyond Storage