Service Maintenance at 2021-05-21

In order to change the domain from to, we will do a service maintenance at 2021-05-20T16:00:00Z.

After this maintenance, our formal domain will become and all link that refers to will be cnamed to

Ref: GSP-73: Organization rename by JinnyYi · Pull Request #73 · beyondstorage/specs · GitHub

Matrix migration failed.

We can’t migrate a matrix service via change the domain name directly, we need to set up a new instance and use tools to do the migration maybe.


  • Setup a new matrix service:
  • Register a new matrix account at
  • Use the name account to join all rooms that hosted.
  • Add new address that under and make them as primary address
  • Make alive for a while and finally shutdown them in next months.

The forum has been migrated successfully.

All requests to will be redirected to