OSPP 2021 Application: SeanChao for IPFS for go-storage

GitHub ID


Project Name

IPFS for go-storage


Basic knowledge in Go, intermediate knowledge in C/C++, Python.
Basic knowledge in distributed systems, experience in MapReduce, ZooKeeper.

Project Schedule

Date Target
now - 6/30 Getting familiar with go-storage and IPFS
7/1 - 7/7 Choosing a proper IPFS Go SDK. Discussing and determining the detailed functionalities of functions in go-storage interface
7/8-7/11 Implementing basic APIs like String, Metadata
7/12-7/25 Implementing Read, List APIs
7/26-8/15 Implementing Create API(s)
8/16-9/5 Implementing Delete, Write APIs
9/6-9/12 Setup integration tests
9/13-9/20 Updating docs
9/21-9/27 Adding usage examples

Reason for Participation

I believe go-storage provides a useful abstraction of the storage layer for other Go applications.
Decentralized storages like IPFS are creative and should be promoted. It attracted me years ago and now I want to make some contributions.
I’m looking forward to participating in this open-source project and hopefully continue to collaborate on it afterwards.

My preliminary development investigation is here.


Could you please review my application? Thanks! :hugs:

Your application looks good to me!

That’s really an elaborate schedule, LGTM!

LGTM! (Sorry for the late reply